Having a Seasonal Colour Consultation is Fun and Informative.  Here are some more clients’ verbal experiences!

 “I’m enjoying being a Fall person! Knowing my correct season has really streamlined my shopping for clothes. I can zero right in on items in my palette and I rarely even look at the other clothes on the racks. Life changer!”   Anne, Victoria BC

“I have been really enjoying the make-up. I will purchase some other items when I run out of the foundation which is the loveliest I have ever worn. I’ve had  other top brands which have not been as nice.”  E. F. ~ Victoria BC 

“Hi Shirley!  I just really want to let you know how much I enjoyed our session — I feel like I have a renewed interest in fashion! I feel like I had really neglected myself in that area with the stresses of work etc. but it is great to again embrace something I love!  All the best,  Hilary, Victoria BC 

“Oh my gosh, our session just completely blew my mind! I see myself completely differently now, I totally see the warmth in my features and am starting to notice warm/cool in other people too. I’m able to see now the things in my wardrobe that don’t work for me and it’s so much easier to let go of them because I know WHY they don’t work! ”  Anne Marie, Comox BC 

“My Colour Consultations has been life-changing!  Shirley is brilliant ~ she analyzed my colours and let me know that I have warm undertones when I always thought I was cool.  I am amazed at how good Autumn colours look on me by brightening up my skin, eyes and hair.  Thanks so much Shirley!  Tanya, Victoria BC 

“After having a Seasonal Colour Analysis I am looking at assessing clothing, colours and style everywhere I go.”  You inspired me!  Shellie, Victoria Bc 

” Dear Shirley, Thank you for spending the time with me.  I appreciated your passion and expertise and value the guidance you provided.  I feel more self-assured, and confident in my ability to wear more creative fashion colours!”  Sanjeev, Vancouver BC 

“Every woman should try this!  Knowing my colours helps me look so put together and has drastically changed the way I shop. I’m so glad I booked with shirley, her experience is unmatched.”  Phoebe, Victoria BC 

“Thank You for our time in Victoria. It meant a lot to me! You helped me discover another piece of myself and that is priceless!  Laura, Owen Sound ON 

“I thoroughly enjoyed the two sessions with you and benefited immensely from the knowledge of colours.  It is an investment in changing over colours (clothes and makeup) but I am noticing a huge difference and love the autumn shades.  The makeup is lovely and I love the shades which are so flattering with the autumn colours in my clothing.  Once again, thank you for creating a little colour and flare in my life!” Beverley, OakBay BC

“Thank you again for having organized your recent workshop. Once again, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I have come to realize that this whole colour theory has evolved.  I  just love my colours subsumed under that muted Summer to soft Fall palette. I rather thought I fell into that,  so it was very good to have that confirmation.”  P.W Victoria BC

My experience with Shirley from my Virtual Online Colour Consultation ~ Shirley is a pleasure to work with.  She’s professional, knowledgeable and friendly and instantly put me at ease. I feel comfortable and confident in the seasonal colour analysis she gave me and she explained the entire process to me so I understood why she chose the colour season for me that she did. She’s gone over and above by offering to put together a selection of flattering makeup colours and even some samples. I will definitely book more services with her.”  Thanks, Sabrina, Kelowna BC 
My daughter was getting married, and I needed to look my best at her wedding. I’ve always found fashion a struggle. I’ve made enough bad purchases to know I needed help forsuch an important occasion. I looked online and found Beautiful You. The owner responded very quickly to my inquiry and put my mind at ease. She helped me with the entire outfit including, shoes, and accessories. She also thought tcheck if there were other events I needed help with like the rehearsal dinner. I was so happy and confident in her work I also had her help me with an outfit for my anniversary. I couldn’t believe her ability to pick out clothes online and have them perfectly suit my body. I look and feel great in the outfits she helped me with.”  Audrey, Winnipeg, MB 
“I had a blast and am grateful for the knowledge you shared and the insights I gained into my colours and appearance.”  L.S Victoria BC
“Thanks Shirley.  I was thinking the other day when several years ago friends helped me buy a mini wardrobe in Italy. Looking back the colours were autumn and the style a casual classic. I have never had the confidence to pick clothes for myself  I bought my first autumn item yesterday. I ordered a pair of Arcopedico shoes in my orange! Nancy, Victoria BC  ….. I am a friend of Nancy.  She is very happy with your services and she is looking fabulous!  My sister and I would like to make appointments for seasonal colours, personality style and figure analysis consultations.”  M. H. Brentwood Bay  T.P Nanaimo, BC