What Fashion means to Me!


ashion ~ can be described as an attitude reflecting one’s personality and interests.  Knowing about yourself and accepting your personality and physical characteristics help build a good image that brings your Personality to life!  

The fashion industry, as do people,  like change.  A fashion trend starts with each new season.  

Designers feature the latest design and we become influenced by these trends and style and begin wearing similarly styled clothes.  Fashions vary considerably according to age, life style, social class, generation, occupation, personality and geography.   Not all is for everyone Fashionista or Fashion Victim here is how one person brought her personality to life.


Keeping Your Look – Current

and knowing how to put ‘Your’ Look together is easy, fun and rewarding.  Do you struggle walking away from a shopping trip empty handed, disappointed or buying everything and then not wearing it or taking it back.  It can become so much fun shopping once you discover your Style / Personality.   With the Style Personality you identify why some things just don’t work, what you can do to enhance your look, feel more confident, and love the way you look.  You might even start to Love shopping and everything in your wardrobe will be a winning statement just for you.  Have you ever thought at times you have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear…. lets get started and solve this problem.


Here is how one person’s Personality-Style came to life. . . .

Our client chose 3 different consultations. First she discovered her colours (which she pretty much already knew as she has a keen sense of colour being a designer and artist). Next was the Style Personality – this tells what kind of styles work for a person in relation to their personality. It includes how to choose the proper look and accessories for each of your personalities. The last consultation was how to dress for her figure type. From the pictures below you can see how her Fashion sense was enhanced and her Personality shines through.

Style characteristics for each personality which help define your look:

  • The Natural – minimal makeup, khaki hats, outdoorsy, easy outfits, carefree
  • The Romantic – curvy figure, long hair, large eyes, enjoys fine dining, low cut but tasteful necklines, fringe, high heeled boots, fur.
  • One other style but on a lesser scale is noted with her love of sunglasses.

Happy & Confident


byi-consulting-Fashion-Intro-1Client arrives!
As advised she is wearing her own makeup as she would on a normal day and clothing choice.

Colour choice for clothing was perfect as she is colour coded Autumn. Makeup application is enhanced with proper makeup colour choices and tips. Hair quickly lifted to show more body.

byi-consulting-Fashion-Intro-2An Image Consultant can help you feel good about yourself, help people dress for the career, get a promotion, have fun knowing your look. Being confident! Style is a distinctive manner in expressing who you are.  Read Kelley’s Image Experience at Beautiful You