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HOW TO ACHIEVE A HEALTHY GLOW, Invest & Nourish Your Skin

 There is no time like the present to start on a natural, affordable botanical skin care line to ensure you are taking care of one of the most important features of your body.  Your skin!

BEAUTIFUL YOU BOTANICAL SKIN CARE uses only the very highest standards of pigments and ingredients

They are natural, botanical plant derived products gentle on your skin with notably visible results.  Premium quality products that nourish your skin and Made In Canada.   This is so important knowing that the products are from a liable place and the confidence that their properties are pure.

Which Products Are for You?  See the complete line under Botanical Skin Care from the Menu Bar or click on each product link below. A list of ingredients and its benefits are listed on each product page for your knowledge and to help you make your selections.

Keeping It Simple!   3 or 4 product care is all you may need!

YOUR DAILY ROUTINE  may look  like this:

  1. Cleanse Facial Cream or Chamomile Wash (Morning)
  2. Tone:  Helps tighten pores
  3. Firm:  Face & Eye Serum – specifically reduces dark circles under eyes
  4. Hydrate or Protect:  Moisturizer
  5. Camera Ready Foundation Primer
  6. Apply Daily Makeup – Beautiful You Cosmetics
  7. Cleanse Facial Cream or Chamomile Wash (Evening)
  8. Protect Moisturizer 

*Extra Treats: 


HAVING A ‘HEALTHY GLOW’  IS ONE OF THE PHRASES I LIKE TO HEAR when someone is commenting on one’s complexion or appearance.  It is paramount when I introduce clients to their seasonal colours to also choose the right colours and products.  Keeping your look clean, and what we call a makeup-less look (even though you are wearing makeup) will enhance your own natural colouring bringing out your best features.  We love making you glow and minimizing any ‘things’  that we would rather not see.   The better the skin care the less makeup you will need and it will become longer lasting throughout the day!

Winter is especially drying and your skin does need that extra TLC.  Using topical, botanical skin care lotions will add additional vitamins and oils to your skinNatural ingredients derived from plants that are beneficial to your complexion, are the way to go.

Beautiful and rich ingredients such as Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, Aloe Vera,Chamomile, Jojoba Oil, Cucumber Extract and Grape seed, to name a few lend their healing properties to safe guard your skin from unwanted dryness and increase moisture.

For the majority of us who are concerned Beautiful You Skin Care about skin care without resorting to expensive cosmetic surgery want to find a product that works with visible results.

Here are a few Client Testimonials and Reviews on some of the skin care products:

Cleanse:  Botanical Cleansing Lotion:   My skin has a tendency to be dry. I have used Botanical Cleansing Lotion for the past 5years and love the suppleness of my skin and the way it feels both before and after washing it. People often comment on how healthy my complexion looks and I tell them that my secret ingredient is this amazing product.  My entire appearance has improved ten-fold since meeting Shirley Millar!  Sheryl

Firm:  Firming Face & Eye Serum:  Within a month of using Firm Face & Eye Serum…. Here is one client’s response: “Hi Shirley, I just love the ‘Firm’ . I use it every day… and my rosacea is slowly fading, and my skin has a look of smaller pores… beautiful stuff!  Please send me another. I just don’t ever want to run out!  :) Thanks, Linda”

Hydrate:  Hydrating Mango Face Cream:  Love these products. My favourites include peppermint lip gloss, camera ready and Hydrate Mango Moisturizer.”  Melody

Additional Info:

Skin Care is sensible as well as essential.  It adds a protective veil to your skin from the elements of dust and pollution.  It’s wonderful if you do not have to wear alot of makeup but so important to cleanse.