meet your consultant shirley millar

When I meet people, and they ask what my profession is …. The response I get is “Oh, an Image Consultant… how did you get involved with that?” My comeback is, “I was genetically programmed to do this!”

Do you know how Tiger Woods was golfing at age two? Well, my profession also started with play as a little girl. As young as seven or eight, I would gather all the neighbourhood children into my bedroom where I would comb or dress their hair, straighten their shoelaces, clean their runners, pull up their socks, and even wash their faces. The process had begun.

My practice expanded. My poor cats ran around in baby sweaters and bonnets. Most of my allowance was spent on clothes for Barbie who performed in home fashion shows. Needless to say, Millie, the Model was my favourite comic book. My dream was unfolding.

Play became my stage. As a teenage “Makeup Queen,” my Mom couldn’t leave the house without a once-over from me. I set out my brother’s school clothes and I planned my own wardrobe a month in advance. Sewing became a mad passion as I made outfits not only for myself but for my friends. Patterns and fabrics replaced doll clothes.

The first door to my career opened for me when I was sixteen. At that time Teen Fashion Counselors were chosen by The Bay and The Eaton Department Stores in Winnipeg, Manitoba to represent their local high schools in community events. To qualify for this position an essay had to be written explaining why one would be the right candidate to represent his or her high school and how being chosen would benefit one’s career. The Bay chose me….. I was in heaven!

As a counsellor, we were hired to work part-time at The Bay. One by one my friends were assigned to all the “neat departments,” such as teen fashions or makeup. Not me! I was sent to the Bay Basement, Baby Department to fold baby clothes.….. So here’s where I can say “I started at the basement and worked my way up!”

Looking back I can see that every job I ever had was directing me toward my role as a Colour and Image Consultant. When Colours became popular in the ’80s, I was one of the first to have my “colours” done. Shortly thereafter I was hired and trained to be an Assistant Image Consultant under Lynn Hutton of Colours of Oakville, Ontario.

In ’84 I moved to Windsor, raised a family and worked part-time as a sales associate with various ladies clothing boutiques. I didn’t realize I was still in training for my career or that my dream of owning my own store was about to come true.

In 1994 I opened Cranberi’s Fashion Boutique and embraced every moment of it for the next six years. During this period I realized many women needed to be educated on the principles of fashion and how to relate it to their own body shape and personality. Their need became my desire to instruct. I contacted The International Image Institute where I refined my skills in Advanced Colour Analysis and Personality Profile. Now, I was positioned to offer training and development in appearance and personality for effective communication to both women and men. Beautiful You, Fashions, Colours & Image Consulting was made just for you!