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My Husband called me a ‘Stripe e Critter’ The salesperson said it looked good on me. “I knew it didn’t.”

Have You Ever Been At A Loss About What To Buy Or Where To Shop?

You know you need new clothes, you’ve seen all the latest styles and they look so good!  But, then, after walking around a mall aimlessly you ended up buying something that you really didn’t like.  At home after looking in the mirror you think, “Hmm! Not happy with the way I look” or we realize, “These new styles are just not me”! We’ve asked ourselves, “Does this suit me? Is this a good colour on me”? And in our hearts we know something is wrong.  We have all  “been there, done that.”  And worse, the salesperson said it looked good so you bought it, returned it or it sat in your closet.

Does your Wardrobe Reflect Your Lifestyle?

Maggie's Wardrobe

Create a wardrobe to reflect your Career + Lifestyle

It is important that it does.  It needs too!  Some of us have a natural fashion sense and some of us need a little help!  Knowing how to jazz up our appearance when we do not feel or look our best is where an Image Consultant can help you with easy steps or Transformation Tools.  In the workforce or at any stage in one’s life it’s important to take the steps to learn how to establish a Winning Image and/or how to dress appropriately for our chosen career and lifestyle.

It’s Nice To Get Compliments!

When you feel comfortable and natural about your ‘look’ or appearance life becomes so much easier and happier.  No more doubts.    You have now learned how to add style, grace and expertise to the image you wish to present.  Your closet is now set up so that every item is geared just for you.  You will love visiting your closet and you will actually start to enjoy shopping for those new ‘finds!”

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Right clothing choices = A Natural Confidence!

HERE THEY ARE:        


  1.  Seasonal Colour Analysis: Discovering your best Colours is the foundation to looking your best.  No more doubts,  or saying: “Does this look good on me?”  You’ll know for sure.
  2. Personality-Style Profiles:  Define your Look!  6 Different Style Personality Types… Learn where you fit and how your Style Personality enhances your style.  It will make so much sense to you.
  3. Figure Analysis:  Enhance the way you dress with Image tips!  Easy guidelines to take inches off your frame specifically for your figure type.
  4. Create a Wardrobe: Dress for your Profession &/or Lifestyle!  Know what to wear and when.  Learn the Point System to help you know if you are overdressed or underdressed.
  5. Makeup: Lessons & Cosmetic Sales: Choose colours to match your season! Going from ho hum to WOW.   No more throw aways or listening to bad advice.  Your style personality will actually tell you how much makeup you will wear. Click on Shop for Beautiful You Cosmetics – A Makeup Artist Line that are beautiful and proudly ‘Made in Canada!’


  1. Personal Shopping: Guidance in choosing Clothing and/or Glasses Frames
  2. Custom design your own image consultation package

Beautiful You Colours & Image Consulting invites you to make an appointment and you will learn the Transformation Tools to discover how rewarding it is to develop, discover and dress for your own Personal Style, learn tips to dress for your figure type, what to wear and when for your career.  Retiring?  Keeping  your look current is a healthy choice.

CONTACT IMAGE CONSULTANT, SHIRLEY MILLAR and choose from one or all of the ‘Transformation Tools’ listed above or create your own.  Distance?  Not a problem anymore,  Online or in studio consultations are available.  Why wait? I know you’ll love your new look!  And you’ll be walking and shopping with renewed confidence!   So go ahead use the Contact Form under ‘contact us’   I will look forward to hearing from you.  

Maggie's Image Transformation

I know You will Love Your New Look!

At Beautiful You we are happy to help get you on your way so here are 5 Image Tips to get you started:

  1. Your eye is always drawn to the lightest thing you are wearing.  For example if your shoes are white and your pants or outfit is darker your eye will immediately be drawn downward to the shoe.  Think of white socks, white golf shoes, white sandals… imagine someone wearing them, and your eye immediately sees them.   Making the focal point your face is good presentation.  Balance is important.   Wearing the right colour close to your face will make you appear fresh, happy and confident.
  2. Clothing & grooming are 90% of what you are communicating.  It has been proven when people are dressed smartly they are more productive.
  3. A woman should know that the more skin she shows the less power she has.  A top layer such as a jacket, vest or cardigan for women maintains their professional credibility.  Sleeveless shirts my diminish the authority of a woman.  If she chooses to wear a sleeveless top to the office (if permitted) it should be made from the finest fabric, not too clingy and matched or coordinated with bottoms and accessories to make a well coordinated outfit.
  4. Take or wear shoes, articles of clothing that your are matching items for when shopping.  This makes it so much easier for yourself and sales people.  It will avoid returns and guessing.  When shopping for a suit or dress wear or bring shoes for correct heels.  Know what you are aiming for.
  5. Makeup is a must for any profession.  A classic makeup application means moderate amount, balanced and coordinated.

Now It’s Your Turn…  Start Shining!