THANKS SO MUCH TO ALL THE CLIENTS WHO HAVE TAKEN THE TIME TO SEND a little thank you and comment on what their Colour or Image Consultation has helped them with.  Here are a few:

. . .”AFTER YEARS  OF SPENDING LOTS OF MONEY GETTING IT WRONG, I had a consultation with Shirley. I followed her advice, and received several compliments about my appearance. Shirley does what is” right” for the client, she listens and is attentive to the individual, her personality and style”  A Senior Executive, Windsor ON 

Donna Image Testimony . . . “WHEN A COLLEAGUE OF MINE NEEDED A WARDROBE UPGRADE TO MOVE INTO MANAGEMENT  I suggested she call Shirley. The next time I saw my friend she looked  fabulous. I decided to treat myself to Shirley’s knowledge. Working with Shirley was a pleasure. I trusted her advice and appreciated her professional approach. I get a lot of compliments and shop with a lot more confidence of venturing into new looks”  D. Marentette, Sr. Executive, The City of Windsor

. . .“SINCE HAVING AN IN DEPTH COLOUR ANALYSIS, including makeup application techniques with Shirley, I LOVE the way I look! I had always purchased expensive cosmetics, but often the colours suggested just did not look right. Since meeting and working with Shirley, I am truly pleased with the results. The quality of Beautiful You Cosmetics is excellent and the colours are perfect for me! Shirley is a pleasure to work with and is always prompt in replying to my makeup challenged questions.” D. Weldon, Rehabilitation Consultant

Chelsea Image Testimony. . . I ALREADY FEEL SO MUCH BETTER  in what I have … especially wearing the right colours.  Huge difference!   Thanks again Shirley.  I truly appreciate all of your help.”   . . . Chelsea, Victoria BC

. . . A NOTE TO THANK YOU FOR YOUR TERRIFIC SERVICE WHICH HAS MADE A DISTINCT IMPACT ON MY LIFE.  Since our consultation last year, I have had many comments about how well I look and, how rested I appear! Knowing that I operate as a Type A personality, my sleep hasn’t increased at all; it’s the face that I show to the world that has!  Using your fashion tips and your makeup expertise, I definitely start each day with added confidence. I have changed my colour palette, with your excellent advice, and I am feeling more “up” and facing the world with added enthusiasm, knowing that I look my best.

Your makeup line is sensational; I love the texture of the products and cannot speak highly enough about the minerals. My complexion is glowing and the softness of the look has been a huge success for me. I no longer need a drawer full of cosmetics that I never use. It’s been an easy transition for me and I am so pleased with my new look.

Your enthusiastic energy and zest for life serves your clients well and gives them a feel-good attitude about themselves. It’s not easy to hear constructive criticism about one’s self, but I knew from the first session, that you were not only sincere but a true professional.  I am so pleased that Shirley touched my life with her magic wand.  L.  Dopson, retired School Teacher 

Michelle Image Testimony . . . “MY CONFIDENCE HAS GONE THROUGH THE ROOF.  I feel like I could just float through the day. My sales are fantastic. When I’m in a group people talk directly to me, it’s quite flattering.  What a huge difference your guidance has made.  So Thank You once again. You are definitely in the right field.” Michelle, Windsor ON. . .

. . . comment 1:  THANKS SHIRLEY FOR HELPING ME TO FIND A BETTER VERSION OF MYSELF. . . With the new colours, people are telling me I look great and that my skin is glowing.  The new colours have made such a difference!  And your advice on style has helped me to define ‘my look.’ … Debra, Victoria BC . . . . comment 2:  I WALKED INTO WORK TODAY AND THE WOMAN IN THE OFFICE LITERALLY DID A DOUBLE TAKE.  I gave her your card. . . .  Debra, Victoria BC 

. . . MY DAUGHTER COMMENTED THAT I HAVE BEEN LOOKING PRETTY IN MY NEW COLOUR CHOICES  and with my new makeup on! That made me smile! Thanks again for the advice and the makeup”. . .  Susie, Kitchner-Waterloo, ON

. . . WONDERFUL ADVICE, WHICH I WILL REMEMBER.   I have to tell you that I see my eyes sparkling more these days!  Thanks to you.”   Janet, Windsor ON

Stephanie Image Testimony . . . “I’VE BEEN WEARING MY COLOURS AND GETTING LOTS OF COMPLIMENTS.  I went through my clothes and consigned the things that really didn’t suite me, which sadly was the majority.  But it’s good because now I can start fresh.  SO interesting.  I never realized colours had such an impact.  Vibratory resonance, it’s key to health.”   Stephanie, Victoria BC

. . . “JUST WANTED TO LET YOU KNOW ABOUT MY PROGRESS IN MY ‘WINNING IMAGE’ JOURNEY. I HAVE HAD SUCH AN ENLIGHTENING YEAR  and I have been chipping away at building a wardrobe that I love and I can see that using the tips does good things for my figure.  I have made some serious advances but completing my waredrobe is definitely a work in progress.  Hard to believe the difference that dressing for my body type makes – I feel so special taking the time to think about what I wear before I leave the house.  It has make a big difference for my confidence and how I feel through out each day. 

About eight months ago I was asked to be involved in a new computer implementation project at work -I truly believe it is because I was “noticed” more at work because of how I was presenting myself.  This experience has been very good for me both personally and professionally and I have to thank you for helping me realize the importance of how we show ourselves to the world.”  Cheryl, Windsor ON 

. . .“ IF I DID A SMART THING THIS YEAR, it was the decision of attending your presentation. I have no clue when it comes to coordinating clothes and until today I didn’t care if a thing is in style or not. But I realized today that this whole “industry” that didn’t matter to me can knock me down or lift me up” She then had her colours done.  My joy is great, being in my colours, with those drapes in front of me made me feel a strength I never experienced before… Just as you said, we are all made beautiful, and thanks to people like you, we have a chance to become gorgeous. I noticed the effect on my coworkers. Everyone smiled instantly when seeing me! I can’t find the right words to tell you how happy I am. No need to say my husband liked the transformation” Alina, Loans RBC, Windsor ON