What is the ONE Cosmetic Item you wouldn’t be caught without wearing?  Lipstick, some would say, Foundation for another,  Mascara, Yes, that is the ONE!  Even if I go for false additions once in awhile…. I just love Mascara!

I know a client who calls herself a ‘Mascara Junkie.’  I love when she said that, always on the prowl for a new Mascara, even if she finds one that works,  onward she goes.  

I too used to be in search of ‘The One!’   For me it was one that didn’t make my eyes water.  I didn’t mind the clumping it just seemed to be part of the mascara process. And voila after years of trying I found actually ‘Them!’   Working with Beautiful You Cosmetics has made my life and others so much easier!  Here are some Fab Mascara Finds for you to check out!

Along with the love of Mascara comes the Lash Extender Primer.  More temptation has been added to the love of our blessed mascara.   I can’t live without this either!   My lashes notice when I am not using it.  After curling your lashes apply Beautiful You Lash Extender  …you will love discovering lashes you didn’t even know you had before. The primer is white-ish in colour but dries clear.  Apply the lash primer under really good lightening  (even close to the window) so you can see those babies start to show up!  Lash Primer helps to separate your lashes to avoid the clumping.


NEXT APPLYING MASCARA!   Highly recommend Beautiful You Cosmetics  INTENSE LASH.  This has a slim-line,  plastic-like brush that doesn’t become clogged with mascara or that wayward long hair (where does that come from and how does it get wrapped around a mascara wand?)   The Intense Lash Mascara is a little wetter in formula and when applied overtop of the Lash Extender you will notice your lashes seem to become magically longer, and you will look like you have lots more of them.   Apply 2 or even 3 coats to the top (but wait until they dry a bit between applications), and if you apply to bottom then add 1 or 2 coats to the bottom depending on how much mascara you want to wear.   You may decide to wear less mascara at work depending on your profession and add another coat or two of mascara when you are going out.  Intense Lash is available in 4 colour choices:  Black, Dark Brown, Bright Blue or  Navy.  


The newest Mascara we are love’n is Beautiful You Cosmetics MAXIMIZE MASCARA.  The brush is a double thickness which builds up your lashes quickly.  First apply Beautiful You Lash Extender Primer and then a few strokes of MAXIMIZE MASCARA.  Your choice of 1 or 2 coats and You’re Rock’n!  Only available in only Black for now.


As a lover of Mascara … I cannot say enough good things about these 3 quality products except to try them.  I know you will love the way you look.

Our Last Mascara Find (for now) is CHERRY BLOOMS MASCARA!  This is not a product manufactured of Beautiful You Cosmetics but as a Mascara Lover we are pleased to offer Cherry Blooms Mascara which comes from Australia.  This 3 step application process takes a little longer to apply but wow if you are looking to increase your lashes than it may be right up your ally or save Cherry Blooms Mascara for special occasions.


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Beautiful You Cosmetics is a Salon Formula Makeup Artist Line made from the finest products available.  All products are hypoallergenic, allergy-tested, fragrance-free and enriched with Vitamin E.  These Quality Products are Canadian Made except for the eye pencils.  New colours and  products are continually being added to keep your look current.    Beautiful You Cosmetics was created to Simplify your Life!  Beautiful You Signature