Today’s corporate world is global, competitive, educated, sophisticated, cosmopolitan and FAST! Since clothing and grooming define 90% of one’s visual communication both etiquette and appearance deliver a message whether one likes it or not. Polish includes overcoming a weak handshake and awkward introductions, and knowing appropriate body language that results in a poised and confident manner. Details count. Example: Are your clothes wrinkled or ill fitting? Why endure a bad fit? Your first impression lacks impact. When it fits – the first impression expresses confidence, care, and pride in oneself. For women just know that the more skin she shows the less power she has. ….alot went hidden.

Skeptical? One client of mine noticed men began opening doors for her and allowing her to go ahead of them. Another colleague was upgraded to first class on a transatlantic flight. When he wondered why he was chosen, he noticed he was the only one dressed well in the waiting room. He fit the image of how the airline envisioned a first class passenger for their company.