Why is an Image Consultant important? What can an Image Consultant do? We provide analysis, recommendations and program implementation for development in topics such as appearance, etiquette, voice coaching, wardrobe and personal shopping to name a few! At Beautiful You Image Consulting our expertise is in appearance and etiquette. At the initial consultation a “Needs Analysis” is established and then an appropriate course of action is recommended.
The cost of overhauling one’s image may start at around $100. This fee includes a 2 hour session on colour analysis. Knowing one’s best colours is the necessary foundation to enhance appearance and to come alive.
To pinpoint an exact price is difficult as it varies from client to client. Each client must gauge their needs according to their lifestyle.

Some clients may only need education and guidance on how to incorporate a few key pieces for their makeover. Others may want a Personal Shopper and that fee would also include the cost of their wardrobe. Recently graduated professionals entering into their field have been sent by their companies to fine tune areas when they begin their career (such as I was on entering my profession).

Consultation does not end with colour analysis. A personality profile is created for each client enlightening the individual to one’s true identity: such as a classic, dramatic or natural. This also gives the consultant the parameters within which to work. These parameters protect the client from becoming frustrated and falling back into old patterns. The knowledge of knowing one’s personality profile brings an awareness of who they are and what they can become resulting in a complete turnaround.
Body shape is the third component in image management which defines the importance of proper fit. And lastly, the final step is wardrobe planning. Now things start to click, and shopping and dressing become fun. Once a wardrobe audit is done a wardrobe plan is put into place eliminating poor choices or overspending.

Maintaining your image is easy once your Image has been defined. It is important to keep your look current especially with eye glasses and hairstyles. Understanding trends and fads and how they relate to your lifestyle and wardrobe plan make it easier in choosing items. Depending on your profession certain percentages are suggested on what to spend per year on clothing.